Mental Skills:
The Building Blocks of Success
[Package C]

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Most athletes struggle, at times, with fear and doubt - but we don’t have to let our confidence ebb and flow with these feelings

Are you tired of the "roller coaster" effect of confidence? do you wish your confidence was more consistent?

This module focuses on ways to build and maintain confidence as a foundation of your performance - not the result of your performance.

Through this module, student-athletes can find the right level of confidence through powerful and productive self-coaching strategies.

You can train your focus like you train your muscles

Your attention needs intention!

We all tend to feel as if our focus is out of our control. Instead, focus is something you can develop - and we have the skills just for you!

Get ready for a lesson packed with strategies on how to train your focus.

Learning about your unique “Go Zone” will put you back in control of your mindset

Wouldn't it be nice to keep your composure no matter what the score says?

Whether you need energy to psych up, calm down, or simply just stay dialed in throughout training and competition, this lesson is for you!

Feeling overwhelmed as a college student-athlete is normal - but it doesn't have to stay that way! After engaging in this lesson, you will understand how to increase your awareness of energy management and stress and, most importantly, what to do about it.

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