Individual Course Options


Module 1

Transitioning to College Athletics:

Taking it to the Next Level

Your "scouting report" for the new challenges you will face as a student-athlete.

Just like scouting reports help you know what to expect from an opponent, this is your athletic, academic, and social scouting report for what to expect as a college student-athlete

Module 2

Time Management & Organization: The Foundations of a Successful College Career

Do you wonder how you will juggle school and sport in college?

Our tips on organization and time management will help you start off your freshman year (and every following semester) strong!

Module 3

it's not high school anymore:

academic skills & expectations

Want to know what successful college student-athletes do to manage and excel in sport and school?

Be the MVP in all aspects of your college career! Just like you will adapt to the intense speed of game in your sport, you will need to adapt to new academic demands. Use these strategies to crush it in school and sport!

Module 4

vision & motivation

Understanding where you are and where you want to be

You lose your way when you forget your why. Explore your "why" and learn ways to cultivate the motivation that inspired you to become an athlete in the first place!

Module 5

goal-setting & performance tracking

[the Right way]

How do you know if your hard work is paying off? What gets measured, gets managed!

Setting goals is critical for success! This lesson will provide you with techniques focused on the importance of planning, adjusting, and reviewing your training and competition for optimal performance.

Module 6

building rock solid confidence

Are you tired of the "roller coaster" effect of confidence? Do you wish your confidence was more consistent?

Most athletes struggle, at times, with fear and doubt - but we don't have to let our confidence ebb and flow with those feelings. This module focuses on ways to build and maintain confidence as the foundation of your performance - not the result of your performance.

Module 7

focus & distraction management

Your attention needs intention!

You can train your focus like you train your muscles. Get ready for a lesson packed with strategies on how to do just that!

Module 8

energy management: finding your "go zone"

Wouldn't it be nice to keep your composure no matter what the score says?

Learning about your unique "Go Zone" will put you back in control of your mindset. Whether you need energy to psych up, calm down, or simply just stay dialed in throughout training and competition, this lesson is for you!