What To Expect

Frequently Asked Questions & information to know when purchasing the course. There is no fine print.


How do I enroll in a course?

Our site has several clickable links that direct you to the checkout page for each specific package. Head over to our “package overview” page and click the package that you are most interested in purchasing – you will be automatically directed to set-up an account with Teachable (the platform the course will be on) and will be asked to complete the checkout form to purchase the course. Once the purchase is confirmed, you are enrolled! We are excited to see you in the course!

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and transfers through Paypal!

Is there a refund policy?

We want you to be satisfied, so all of the courses that you purchase can be refunded up to 30 days after purchase. These courses are full of valuable information and we want to share it all with you! If you opted for a payment plan and you do not request a refund by the end of the 14th day after purchase, you are required to complete the remaining payments of your payment plan according to our 1 payment per month schedule.

How long do I have access to the course once I enroll?

Forever! This is one of our favorite aspects about this course – once you purchase the course, you have access to it whenever you need it!

What should I expect in the course?

These courses are delivered in an online format. Each module is filled with video recordings and downloadable resources for you to print, keep, and use as necessary. The information provided throughout each module varies, with some lessons lasting 25 minutes to others lasting upward to an hour and fifteen minutes! That’s a lot of value for you!

You can expect tons of resources for you, some that might be important for you to take advantage of now and some that may be more helpful later in your college career. That’s the nice thing about having a course you can access FOREVER!

Expect that some tips and pointers may not make sense to you, yet. It can be overwhelming getting all of the information that goes into transitioning to college as a student-athlete all at once. We designed this course specifically for the student-athlete who wants to excel in both academics and sport – but we know that can’t all happen at once. Take this course at your own pace. Go back to lessons that you need refreshers on.

Yay! I enrolled. Now, what?

We are thrilled that you are just as invested as enhancing your performance as a college student-athlete! First, it is important to bookmark the link to the course so that you can find it without having to dig through your emails. This link will be provided in an automated email that will be sent to you after purchase is confirmed, but can also be found here.

I'm not receiving your emails. What should I do?

Check your spam folder! We have been told that some of our emails can end up in spam ☹. Make sure that you direct emails from “UpsideDown Performance” to go to your inbox rather than your spam folder. You don’t want to miss any information that we are sending, whether it is a blog to enhance your performance, information about our courses, or details about upcoming launches. If you continue to have difficulties accessing emails from us, feel free to email us at upsidedownperformance@gmail.com with the subject line: Email Problems

How does the payment plan work?

We understand the cost of sport and the investment that you have made up to this point. So, we made a payment plan that doesn’t break your wallet! We offer a payment plan option only for the MVP package – unfortunately, this option is not available for individually priced packages [A, B, and C]. You will be paying $50 per month for 6 months. That’s a lot better than forking up the $299 at one time!

I'm a parent, would I benefit from watching the lessons and then providing advice and support to my child?

Yes! These courses are designed both for the student-athlete and their family to get involved in the transition to college athletics. We love the fact that you are an involved parent, and kept this in mind when organizing these modules. When you enroll, you will have access to the course through the email you enrolled with. You and your child can access the course no matter how far apart in distance you are, no matter what time of day. We are excited that you are invested in this process as much as we are!

I'm not a student-athlete. Can I still benefit from these courses?

While our course is specifically geared for the college student-athlete transition, other populations may also find the information helpful. For example, much of the content in Package A is applicable to any college student making the transition to college. Package B might interest individuals seeking guidance in creating a vision and goal-setting process for their major or business. Package C includes performance optimization strategies for anyone seeking to improve their performance in any industry. We all perform on a day-to-day basis – that is why these lessons are equipped for a wide range of people. If you are interested, invested, and driven to be successful – you have found the course just for you...

I'm a coach, how can I benefit from these lessons?

As a coach you have provided your athletes with every possible tool available to help them to achieve their goals and reach their potential. This course could either give you more tips and tools to add to what you are already doing or it could be a resource you direct your athletes and their parents to so they can explore this transition process on their own.

*Is there a question that we have not answered for you here? Email us at upsidedownperformance@gmail.com with subject header: FAQ: Needed for a response.

We do not want to make this process difficult and absolutely have no fine print! Any relevant questions will be added for future students – thanks for your help!