Blog Series 4.2

Before we begin our blog, we have some fantastic news to share with you! Cindra Kamphoff, the author of the book used for this blog series, hosted Carmen Tebbe Priebe on a podcast that was released yesterday!


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As we learned last week, athletes who live in the high performance mindset are more consistent, bounce back quickly from adversity, and are able to discover their potential. According to Cindra Kamphoff in her newly released book, Beyond Grit: Ten Powerful Practices to Gain the High Performance Mindset, the world’s best performers thrive on 10 practices including:

  • getting gritty,
  • having a clear purpose,
  • mastering your thoughts,
  • knowing yourself,
  • dominating the controllables,
  • owning the moment,
  • choosing empowering emotions,
  • owning who you are,
  • living and letting go, and
  • choosing your courage zone to reach the high performance mindset.

In this blog, we are going to dive into what it means to become a master of your thoughts.

Kamphoff gives numerous strategies for readers to better understand their thoughts and then actually start thinking more in productive direction. The first strategy is to think about your situation as an opportunity instead of a threat or a disadvantage. We are always going to have challenges, but if our focus goes to what is tough about the challenge we might miss out on the learning experience created.

Use Kamphoff’s 3 OPP strategy, which involvesidentifying and writing down 3 opportunities each challenge produces, you will shift your focus to the optimistic side.

For instance, during a game in front of college recruiters, you were really nervous and had a sub-optimal performance. While this is disappointing and frustrating, can you look at the opportunity that the situation presents you? Maybe you recognize how putting more pressure on yourself is not helpful, you will take full advantage of your next opportunity to play in front of recruiters, and you will reconnect with how much you love this game. 

Another strategy is in defining negative thoughts as ANT’s, or automatic negative thoughts, that we don’t necessarily choose. If we let the ANT’s keep walking around, usually more ANT’s arrive and now we have a problem. Instead, Kamphoff suggests using P4 thinking, where our thoughts are powerful, possibility-oriented, process focused, and positive. Now, we are more deliberate in our focus instead of letting the ANT’s crawl around out of our control. Kamphoff also suggests moving our language to “I will”, “I can”, “I am” phrases instead of “I can’t” or “I won’t”. For example, if you are learning a new drill and are feeling frustrated, your thoughts might go to “I can’t do this.," Work on reframing your thought to “I am making progress on this drill.” The action of reframing helps us to shift our perspective or our viewpoint from frustration to growth.
Kamphoff uses another strategy to help with the reframing process called the CAR shift. When you notice an ANT in your mind, Catch it, Address it, and Refocus it. As a freshman starting out on a college team, you might not feel like you are good enough. If you have those thoughts, first catch yourself (this thought is not effective), then address it (it’s normal to feel overwhelmed but I can choose to focus on my opportunities here), and finally refocus (I am going to get better today!). The practices and strategies available in Beyond Grit can help you to make progress towards achieving the high performance mindset each day!

If you want to learn more about Beyond Grit, check out how you measure up on the Top 10 Practices, by taking a quick survey at The official launch date for Beyond Grit is August 31, 2017! If you are interested in a notification on when the book is released and available, go to

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