Blog Series 4.1

Have you ever thought you were capable of more but were not sure how to get there? In a soon to be released book by Cindra Kamphoff, Beyond Grit: Ten Powerful Practices to Gain the High Performance Mindset, readers learn how to set and achieve their biggest dreams. Through Kamphoff’s research and consulting experience working with high performing athletes and business executives, she highlights ten practices that make up a person’s high performance mindset. High performers recognize that adversity and challenges are part of the process and they not only expect and plan for them, but also feel grateful for the necessity of that struggle. This is powerful because going through tough times is, well, TOUGH! You will recognize similar themes in our blogs on Angela Duckworth’s Grit:  The Power of Passion and Perseverance and  Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumphs. Let’s see what it means for high performers to embrace struggles and start chasing their goals.

The first practice utilized by high performers is to Get Gritty. According to Kamphoff, being gritty is about commitment and persistence to big goals through struggles and adversities. Examples of high performers who thrived through adversity include:

  • Oprah Winfrey who was fired from her first television job
  • Walt Disney who was fired for lacking imagination and creative ideas
  • J.K. Rowling who had her first Harry Potter novel rejected 12 times

There are thousands more examples of people who beat the odds and accomplished their dreams anyway, but one thing that stands out through this persistence is how high performers view challenges. According to Kamphoff, persistence is a learnable skill where we see the path to our goals, view challenges as puzzles to work through, and believe in our ability to persist.

You have likely already been gritty through your journey to play sports in college, but now it’s time to dream even bigger. Kamphoff explains one concept of grit as how your goals should be big enough to scare you. Playing in college at one time probably was that big scary goal, but what is next? Don’t stop dreaming just because you got your goal, now it’s time to up your game!

Kamphoff outlines 6 guidelines for gritty goals:

1. Writing down your goals
2. Stating what you want to achieve rather than what you don’t want
3. Be specific and detailed
4. Recording your goals over multiple time periods (this year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years!)
5. Focusingon process goals while also setting outcome and performance goals
6. Planning out daily and weekly actions to keep you on track.

Kamphoff also provides the “how” in terms of sticking the goal setting process – willingness to sacrifice and maintain discipline to rule each day. Deciding day after day to follow your plan and complete your daily actions is what people with the high performance mindset do successfully……especially when it is hard! We also believe in the power of setting goals – Check out our goal-setting module for ways to implement these skills and learn about alternative skills used to improve your performance!

Start to develop and improve on your high performance mindset now. Plan for and embrace adversity, set goals that scare you, and be willing to sacrifice to stick to your process. Our next three blogs in this series will go through the remaining nine practices (having a clear purpose, mastering your thoughts, knowing yourself, dominating the controllables, owning the moment, choosing empowering emotions, owning who you are, living and letting go, and choosing your courage zone) to build the high performance mindset! Stay tuned! 

To see how you currently measure up on the Top 10 Practices, check out to take a quick survey. The official launch date for Beyond Grit is August 31, 2017! If you are interested in a notification on when the book is released and available, go to

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