Blog 26.4

Our next blog series summarizes a unique fable of a college football coach as he receives guidance from mysterious visits from legendary coaches. Think Like a Warrior: The Five Inner Beliefs that Make You Unstoppable by Darrin Donelly will show us how to develop a “Warriors” mindset through adversity. Our final blog in this series will feature the advice received from Vince Lombardi.

McNeely was back to the top of his game when he met football coach Vince Lombardi. In fact, McNeely was surprised about the visit because he thought everything was going well given recent big wins and a prestigious job offer. When McNeely met Lombardi, he asked the legendary coach about his famous quote, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” and how Lombardi could possibly have advice for McNeely given his recent success. Lombardi’s response was that the quote was taken out of context and not at all what he meant. Lombardi’s intentions were to emphasize that the effort and will to win and improve was the important part, definitely not winning at the expense of compromising one’s values.

Lombardi’s point about striving to excel highlighted the important of confidence, which he felt was all about how you approach the unknowable. He taught McNeely that confidence is a fickle thing, often affected by fear. Thus, we must always protect our confidence as the precious commodity it is. Preparation, raising expectations of yourself, and learning from others’ mistakes and failures are ways to build confidence, while dwelling on past mistakes is the quick way to lose confidence. We must learn from our mistakes, and then let go and move forward. Furthermore, Lombardi challenged McNeely to consider the motivating force behind his upcoming career decisions. Lombardi said, “Most of us don’t think about the motivating force behind our decisions as we approach the unknowable. We don’t realize when we’re choosing faith or fear.” We are often fearful of looking foolish or “missing out” and not making decisions that align with our values. Lombardi’s advice resonated with McNeely leading him to make the following affirmation, and ultimately deciding to keep the job he loved and live in the city that was best for his family.


I have complete and total confidence that I have what it takes to accomplish the dreams in my heart. Most failures are a result of people falling to their fears and worries. I am fearless. I am fully committed to pursuing my dreams, developing the unique talents I’ve been blessed with, and becoming the person I was born to be. I know that if I give my absolute best today, I can safely trust God to put me where I need to be and to make sure that everything works out for the best. I am here for a reason and I have everything I need to fulfill my purpose in life. Success follows faith and I have unbreakable faith.

I choose Faith over Fear”

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