Blog 21.12

Our next blog, A Tribe of Mentors, by Timothy Ferriss, details a period in Ferriss’s life when he was questioning himself and the direction he was headed. He discusses how a “fork in the path” led him to ask himself the most important question of “What would this look like if it were easy?”  This one question sparked the idea of creating a group of mentors to guide him.  He sent 11 duplicate questions to a wide variety of successful people with different backgrounds.  Many people didn’t respond to his request, but many did, and Ferriss compiled the answers into a 569 page book!

The last question Ferriss asked everyone was: 

“When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?

Esther Dyson is an angel investor, businesswoman, and advisor in the technology, new space, and health market.  When she feels overwhelmed, she asks herself “What’s the worst that could happen?”  She points out that the fear of the unknown is usually worse than the fear of something specific.  Obviously, there are certain things such as death, that would cause extreme distress, but many times we catastrophize the outcome without fully recognizing that either the “worst thing that could happen” really isn’t that big of a deal or we realize that we have better coping strategies than we are giving ourselves credit for.

Meditation and mindfulness guru, Sharon Salzberg, says she asks herself “What do you need right now in order to be happy? Do you need anything other than what is happening right now to be happy?”  She couples this with breathing and focusing on her feet being on the ground to stay in the present moment.  We often allow our thinking to be past or present focused, and these strategies can help you stay more present focused.

Steve Aoki is a Grammy-nominated producer/DJ and entrepreneur.  Aoki states that he often has to leave the physical space he is in to reset his focus.  He also gave the example that many of his favorite music artists don’t want to work in big studios and prefer to work in small, run-down locations that are more similar to the type of space they started their career in.  Aoki feels getting “back to the basics” can help you find your center and remember why you got into your current passion.

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