Blog 12.3

Tim Elmore’s book, Generation iY: Secrets to Connecting with Today’s Teens and Young Adults in the Digital Age helps readers to understand how being born into a world of instant access of information through the internet, smart phones, and tablets impacts adolescence and young adulthood. The current blog will discuss employing and leading generation iY as they enter the workplace and establish careers of their own.

Elmore describes the potential of Generation iY as endless. “Generation iY will lead the way into the future.” They want to change the world, work to make a difference, and do all that through their networks, teamwork, and global connections. But Boomers and Generation X’ers don’t necessarily work the same way or share this mentality, which can be a challenge to meet somewhere in the middle. As Boomers begin to retire, more jobs are open and greater upward mobility exists for members of Generation iY.

Elmore offers several predictions about how Generation iY may challenge supervisors and colleagues in the workplace. This generation wants to find a perfect job that they are passionate about, so they are more willing to quit one job and hop to another in search of the perfect job. Generation iY employees are also incredibly innovative, so they are constantly looking for more efficient and effective methods for doing their job. Supervisors and colleagues may not want to change their current processes for a new techie technique that could become outdated in another few months. Parents of this generation may create a unique challenge for employers in their overinvolvement in their young adult’s career, including calling their supervisors to ask for time off or negotiate a raise. And finally, members of Generation iY will likely have a low tolerance for jobs that fail to provide quick rewards. This generation wants constant and instant feedback on how great they are doing, want to move up quickly within the company, and of course want to make more money and get more paid vacation time.

While Elmore’s predictions for the future of Generation iY are challenging, employers can maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses by creating an environment that is familiar and intriguing. Help them build trust through relationships and giving feedback and help them to find their passion in innovative projects. Tim Elmore might just be right, that this generation can be the best yet!

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